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Design Affairs is a group of young and qualified Architects and Engineers rendering complete range of Professional Services in the field of Architectural, Corporate and Retail Space Planning right from the concept formulation to the complete execution of the projects.

Established in 1999, in the capital city of Delhi, Design Affairs has earned reputation of being a perfect place for most innovative and original solutions. We stand committed to raise the bars further as we move ahead and provide the right environs in all walks of life...we all deserve it.


A fully equipped CAD studio with latest and certified Software and tools headed by a team of qualified and experienced Design associates.


This unit is responsible for the good workmanship and timely completion of the project. It comprises of the best professionals with the expertise of estimating & costing, site management, sourcing of material, fixing time lines, preparing status reports, communicating, logistics etc.

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Ever since it was started by Architect Anurag Jain and Ar. Parag Jain, Design Affairs has aimed for achieving the best of the results in whatever job entrusted with . End result should justify the space demands, creating the right feel and at the same time it should be as per the clients budget as well .Having worked on a variety of projects, both India and abroad, from small to corporate offices, from rooms to entire residences ,and from box shops to huge retail outlets (both multibrand and EBO), there is a deep understanding of the sorts of detailing required for the projects to be successful. The company is especially keen to deliver timely and with high finished results through its strict supervision and design control. We believe its a teamwork and every member from a designer to a mason has a contribution. With a bright dedicated team and support of our esteemed client base, We look forward for future endeavors with the intent of performing better and better with each new venture.

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